The Owlet Baby monitor was a project started during the Crocker Innovation Fellowship in 2012 (Crocker Innovation Website).  The goal of the project was to create a wireless pulse oximeter (a blood-oxygen content and pulse monitor) for infants.  I contributed to market validation as well as prototyping of the sensor.  The first prototype consisted of a hospital-grade pulse oximeter lead, an amplifier circuit, XBee wireless radios, a LabVIEW program to process the data, and a simple web server to demonstrate functionality.  The concept won the BYU Student Innovator of the Year competition, as well as the 2013 Harvard Business Model Competition.  We were featured early on in several news venues including Gizmodo and the Daily Herald.  I continued with the project for a few months after the semester ended, but ultimately decided to move on to other things (like finishing my undergrad coursework).  It has since gone on to become a funded startup company (Owlet Website).  Owlet began shipping the production baby monitor in 2015.  The original functional wireless prototype is shown below.