My Introduction to Biomechanics class was awesome!  For our final project we wanted to see how the OneSize prosthetic foot compared to commercially available lower limb prostheses.  The OneSize foot was developed by the BYU 2FT Prosthetics club.  We used the exercise science biomechanics lab with the Vicon motion capture system.  Eight cameras captured the subject’s motion as he walked from one location to another.  Data was taken for both the subject’s normal prosthetic and a OneSize foot built specifically for the test.  We used OpenSIM to create a kinematic model of the subject and extract the joint angle data.  Matlab was used to plot the data from which we drew our conclusions.  We found that the OneSize foot as built did not have enough compliance in the forefoot.  The abstract below summarizes our findings, including recommendations for further research.  I was involved with the data capture and creation of the OpenSIM model.

Download (PDF, 706KB)